Wednesday, 12 September 2018

New Zealand in 2084

New Zealand in 2048
Intro: this week I am writing about what would New Zealand be like in 2048 it
might be a world that has too much Technology. I think that there is going to
be not that much learning then now because there is going to be new
Para 1: The environment in 2048 is going to be maybe a good environment
because there might be some new technology that can help us keep our world
a better place for the animals. And there is not going to be not that much rubbish.

Para 2: Technology is going to be a big help when it is going to be 2048 because
it will help us with our work or it will help us by keeping our environment clean.
and there might be flying cars and the flying cars might help us go to work faster.

Para 3: Education might help you get a good life when you grow up and education
will be also a hard thing in 2048 because if you don’t have a good education you
might have no money or you might be homeless or you might not have a job.

Conc: summarise overall I think that in 2048 will change your life because there
are going to be a lot of new technology that can help you and you might have a
good education to have a good job and also there might make new money.

Rippa rugby championship

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Lucy maths problem

this week our teacher had given a problem that was about Makayla and her test 
we were in different groups and we were trying to work out the answer to the problem
Maths Focus - Asking questions to help us understand others mathematical Thinking.