Friday, 21 December 2018


All Blacks - Ferns 

Silver Ferns 

all blacks woman's - Ferns 

I think that the woman's ferns is the best because some people think that boy are better the girl but girls and boy are the same but I think that girl can do anything.

Giants Among Us

I haver just learned that New Zealand has a really special environment. Many of the plants and trees found in New Zealand are not found anywhere else in the world. These plants and trees are endemic to our country.  In New Zealand one of the largest and longest living endemic trees is the NZ Kauri tree. Kauri are mainly found in three regions of New Zealand: the Coromandel, Auckland and Northland. The largest Kauri tree in the country is in the Waipoua Forest in Northland. It is called Tāne Mahuta. Some people refer to it as the ‘Lord of the Forest.' and I would like to visit it because I want to see how big is it.

cybersmart online

why is it important to be cybersmart online ? is because so people can think you are smart online and also when some one comment on your blog then you should leave a positive comment. and also why you should be smart online is because it is bad to do bad thing online.

What other thing can people do online? you could watch funny video on youtube or you could play fun games and also you could do is watching movies. or you could do the summer learning journey (SLJ).

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

North and South

I live in new zealend if you are not in new zealand then you should come here because there are fun things to do here and you can meet new people and meet new friends. and also why you should visit new zealand is becsause there are fun  games to play and also there are schools like Pt england you could go to or you could go to panmure bridge school. there are also fun places like the beach or to a hotel. and this is why you should came to visit New zealand. 
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The legend of new zealand / Kiwi

I just learned the kiwis have hebits and physical characteristics  are so like a mammal the bird is sometimes referred to as an honorary mammal. and also

i learned that kiwi were new zealands birds and they also lay eggs. Kiwi are ratites. The closest relatives to kiwi today is the elephant bird from Madagascar. They are also related to emus and cassowaries of Australia, and the extinct moa of New Zealand. Once there were about 12 million kiwi, but because predators eat so many chicks, there are now fewer than 100,000. 

Friday, 7 December 2018

Snowy forest tree.

This terms topic is Te Wa Toi which is based on art. So since we were doing sculpturing i decided to make a Snowy forest tree.   

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Setting fire in room 4

Room 4 was doing a sciences activate in our literacy class Mrs Stone found a sciences video.
The science video was Teabag fire Mrs Stone got the things that you need  and we decided to do it in our class. 

first we tipped tea out of the tea bag and then we set the top on fire. and then the tea bag was on fire and it flue up in the air. when the tea bag was in the air it heated up because of the fire so it had more energy then the cold air in the class.