Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fireman david

wear do they to go                     
fireman David came to room 12 and 11 he told as he been in a rat maze he said it is hot in the rat maze they have to keep going before they are not a fire.


             what do they do
They make the rat maze dark so they can't
see  fire if there is a real fire they get a hole and a helmet  they have a mask so no fire can come on there face.

         How to become a fireman
you have to come in and out the rat maze
and you have to help big kid and little kid
and a fireman have to be fit be super smart
they help people to get out of house .

Thursday, 3 September 2015

better works

My aspiration for the future is to be a teacher
The job of a teacher is to teach little kids and  help kids to learn teach  kid reading and writing.

I want this job because teachers they are  kind and cool because they are fun to little kids and they are help
to teach kids they are fun.    

To be a teacher you need  to be cool and fun . I love teachers because they are kind
to be helpful to little kids and big kids.