Thursday, 17 May 2018

Homeless people

Homeless people

Fact - Did you Know? 40% of homeless
people are Employed. Shouldn’t work be
an escape from poverty?

How did you get homeless - How can you can
get homeless you can get homeless By you having
no money and you can be homeless from you
parents Because if your parents were homeless
then you might be homeless to.

Why is Homeless a problem- I think it is a big
problem because if you have kids how can you
buy food for your kids. And if you are homeless
you don’t have a house and you don’t have any

How can we help - we can help by giving them
some money like when you walk past a homeless
person the you can give them some money in there
hat or there money bag and you can help by giving
some food to eat.

Why is homeless a bad thing - because if you have
kids then how can you look after you kids they are
going to be starving how can you buy food for


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Homeless people

Homeless people
Did you Know? 40% of homeless people are
Employed. Shouldn’t work be an escape from
How did you get homeless - How can you
can get homeless you can get homeless By
you having no money and you can be homeless
from you parents Because if your parents were
homeless then you might be homeless to.

Why is Homeless a problem- I think it is a
big problem because if you have kids how can
you buy food for your kids. And if you are
homeless you don’t have a house and you
don’t have any money.


Monday, 14 May 2018

Child Hunger in NZ

Child Hunger in NZ
Adapted from “Child Hunger” by Ryan Laatz

Have you ever had to look into the eyes of a child and tell him that there is nothing to eat tonight?
This is reality for around 15 million children in America every day. This is also a prominent issue in
New Zealand, where one in seven families live in poverty and 220,000 children go hungry. This means
that they are missing meals or going the whole day without food. Without getting the proper nutrition,
these children are not able to fulfill their potential and may be affected by poor health and a lower life expectancy.

Why does child hunger happen? Child hunger happens because children simply don't have the resources to
get food. About twenty two percent of children in New Zealand live in poverty. Also about children two
percent of kids in New Zealand  are hungry. Do you see the similarities between those numbers? Impoverished
parents have a harder time providing for their families than those in higher paying careers. There are so many
costs that parents have to cover such as rent, medical bills, clothes and power, there is often very little money
left to pay for food. As the children are too young to work, they are not able to help their families or to buy their own food.

Why is child hunger a problem? Child hunger is a problem because it is not letting kids fulfill their full
potential. Kids are still developing, and if they don't eat enough, their brain and their bodies won’t be
able to completely develop. The feeling of hunger can also affect the child’s mood; they can feel stressed,
anxious and lack concentration. These factors will then prevent students from concentrating on their learning
at school and from having the energy to participate in sports.
This means that impoverished children are less likely to graduate from high school or university
and then it can be difficult to find a well-paying job. In this case, the child may then go on to be an impoverished adult.

Are there any solutions? While there is no easy fix to this issue, there are some things that people can do to help. One solution that we could do to solve this problem is to volunteer at charities and
organisations that support children. For example, you could volunteer at ‘Eat my Lunch’. Eat my
lunch is an organisation that delivers free school lunches to children who would otherwise go hungry.
Another way to help is that you could also start a food drive. You could organize a fundraiser of some
sort, and instead of charging money to attend you would ask for canned food donations. With all the
canned foods you get, you could donate all of them to a children's food shelter.
  Child hunger is a major issue that the government and New Zealand society must address.
Children in New Zealand aren't fulfilling their full potential and showing the world what they can do.  
Child Hunger is happening everywhere, impacting everyone, and it's happening because children simply
don't have the resources they need. How does it feel when you are hungry? Try being hungry everyday as a seven year old.

Highlight the introduction and conclusion blue

Highlight the topic sentences green

What is the point of the introduction? It tells what the writing is going to be about.

What is the point of the first body paragraph?  Why does child hunger happen

What is the point of the second body paragraph? Why is child hunger a problem

What is the point of the third body paragraph? Are there any solutions

How do you know what the point of the paragraphs are? By reading the topic sentences

What is the point of the conclusion? Summary The main point.

What will you steal for your own writing? I am going to have Bigger words

Friday, 4 May 2018


Today room 2 and 3 girls went to the swimming pools to learn how to swim first we got ready and we got in line in the front of our class then we walked in two lines I was walking with Thida when we got there we got in the pool  and started to swim they spited us in to two groups me and Thida were in the same group after we got out of the pool and putted our uniform then we walked Back to school.          

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Role Model

this week room 4 was doing a slide about who is your Role Model my role model is
Mrs Stone and my parents.

WALT: justify our ideas

choclate poster.

this week room 4 was doing a  chocolate challenge . Crunchie Bar was our group and their was 3 others. we had to make a poster about our chocolate.
WALT: justify our ideas

Monday, 9 April 2018

Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge

Crunchie is yum because it is full of flavor .
If you eat Crunchie you will have the best feeling ever.
I have tasted it.It tasted like a mouth full of chumminess.
The ingredients they have will make you fell in love with

Crunchie has alot of ingredients in. It has golden
hokey pokey  honeycomb covered in cadbury milk chocolate.
It’s has 931kg of energy , 7.5g 11% 14.9% fat and the Sugar
31.4g 35% 62.8g. The Chocolate makes you happy if you are
feeling sad .

Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Crunchie bars based
on the Cadbury Crunchie candy bar, these gorgeous chocolate
treats contain only 6 ingredients and are gluten-free, vegan and
fabulously good.

I think Kit kat has a lot yummy ingredients.They make their chocolate so yummy that you will be dreaming about it.It was so hard to compete with there chocolate since people love Kit Kat even I love Kit kat.

this week room 4 was writing about Chocolate we were writing 3 paragraph about crunchie.
WALT: justify our ideas

Friday, 6 April 2018

Because I said so?

Because I Said So?
WALT: justify our ideas using conjunctions.

I believe that children should wear uniform to school.
We need uniforms because if you go on a trip and you
don’t have uniform then you can lose one or two of your
student and that is why you should wear uniform.  When
you see me in my uniform then you know what school I go to.

Bok Choy slide

this weed my group was reading a story it was called Bok Choy.

 WALT: make inferences about a text

Bok Choy

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Justifying an argument

Justifying an argument
WALT: justify our ideas using conjunctions

Check out the two paragraphs and then answer the questions below

Author A:
I strongly believe that students need school uniforms. Students need school
uniforms because they show people what school they go to. All of the students look tidy
because they are in the same school and its like free advertising because when people see
the uniform they think of the school. So yeah, school uniforms are good.

Author B:
I firmly believe that school uniforms should be banned. School uniforms are
costly and they put a lot of pressure on the student’s caregivers. Children need
new school uniforms every time they grow and change schools. With some items
of clothing costing a hundred dollars or more, the cost involved in buying a new
school uniform is huge! It is particularly difficult for families with two or more
students, as it is hard enough to feed a large family let alone buy an expensive
school uniform every year for each child. School uniforms should be banned
for the benefit of parents everywhere!

Which argument do you think is stronger? Author B has more information of uniforms.

What vocabulary do the authors use that you would like to steal? Particularly,difficult,advertising.

What did you like about the paragraphs? I like that student need uniforms so they look the same.

What do you think the authors could improve on? More information and words

Highlight the signposts (topic sentences) the authors use in purple.

Highlight the conjunctions or connecting words (for, because, and, but…) that
the authors use in blue.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

girls and Boys

should boys and girls should be to together or be separate.

I think we should be together because if you
have brothers and sisters then you will not see
them but at home.and I think we should be
separate because sometimes boys are mean
to Girls and sometimes Girls talk to boys badly
so we should just have a school with boys and
Girls but we can have one side can be a boys
side and the other one can be a girl side.

Monday, 19 March 2018

why should we watch moves in class

WALT: Use signposts to direct our readers

Children Need To Go To School

It is vital that all children attend school to gain an education.
At school children are taught a range of knowledge and skills that they will need to succeed in the future.
For example, children learn to read and write which enables them to communicate with others. Without
the ability to read or write, everyday life would be a struggle; you would not be able to read your bills,
find a job or learn about new things. Therefore, school is really important to enable children to have a
successful future.

Why should we watch movies in class?

Watching movies in class is helpful for your learning.  Watching movies helps student to learn because we learn new information and new words. Watching movies helps us with our reading because summaries the main point. When we watch movies we predict what will happen.

Friday, 2 March 2018

How to keep yourself healthy

How to Keep  yourself  Healthy
We are learning to follow the Statement, Explanation, Example paragraph structure.
Write your explanation here. Check that it follows the structure of an explanation!

Introduction: How you can keep healthy keeping healthy is good to keep you going like if you are fat you can get fit by eating thing that you don't eat at home the vechdbals.  

1. You can eat a lot of food like firot like vechdbals and you can buy things that are chip.  

2. You can go to the gym so you can exercise and get skinny and fit.   

3. You can help yourself by walking everyday around the block or you can go and walk up the Mountain

Conclusion: how to keep yourself healthy is every head thing to do because sometimes you do something like eating food like KFC or Mcdonalds. Keeping healthy is something that is good for you and to help you get going and to keep yourself fit. It is good because if you have kids you have some energy to do whatever you want.       

Product Design

we are Designing a product so people can buy it at the shop.

Friday, 23 February 2018

pascal's Triangle.

today we were looking at pascal's Triangle. we were looking for patterns and the patterns me and my partners saw was we saw 6 Triangle. and  then we added the numbers in lines 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1025 when we did that we got the patterns              1+1=2,2+2=4,4+4=8...............then we shaded the odd number and that was how we saw the 6 Triangle.  

Monday, 12 February 2018

Falcon Heavy

We are learning to summarise what we read and to identify different points of view.