Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Goldilocks and the three dogs

Once upon a time not long ago there was a girl named Goldilocks she Loved Dogs  and she loves to have a picnic at the Beach One day she and her friend   Could Bella   hand an  idea that they Want to have a picnic at the beach so they rushed and got stuff for the picnic they brand blanket pillow to sleep on and an umbrella To keep them away from the sun  when they were  driving to the beach  Bella  saw  a shop selling dogs for $99 Bella told Goldilocks to stop the car so they could go and buy a dog when they stop the car Bella and Goldilocks Screamed because they are so excited  they rushed out of the car and rushed into the shop they  saw  lots of little puppies that was so cute  they  couldn't  choose what puppy they should buy so they asked   someone who work there And said what puppy is the cutest And the man said the cutest puppy is The  littlest  puppy they looked at the puppy and it was so cute so they bought it and they for Goddard to go to have a picnic so they rush to the beach and sit up this spot before the sun sets they were playing with the puppy.  but suddenly Goldilocks   and Bella  lost their puppy and looking for them they were looking everywhere but they couldn't find the puppy They looked everywhere but they didn't look in the water  Bella and Goldilocks ran to the water   they saw the puppy running through the sand and chased after them  they got the puppy and drive back home. The next day Goldilocks and her three Dogs was Walking.   after walking  Goldilocks And her three  dogs Saw an  Enchanted  Kingdom   that was a long way from Goldilocks house  Goldilocks saw a  big  gate Up to Goldilocks shoulder  but Goldilocks could see lots of flowers she wanted to go pick some for her garden she saw a rubbish bin and budged it near the gate so she could climb up  to get some flowers .but suddenly  Goldilocks saw a man and a woman walking past the flowers And saucer man wearing a king crown  and the woman wearing a Queen crown Goldilocks thought they were king and queen. then Goldilocks  picked Sunflower roses and different kinds  of flowers when she  sneaked  to the gates she couldn't get over because it was too tall So she went back to hide near the flowers in the bush then she saw the queen and king walked  pass them Goldilocks wanted to ask the king and queen she tried to steal their flowers she got up and said he's me king and queen sorry but I jumped over the fence and saw your flowers and just loved it I wanted to pick some for my garden because it'll look beautiful and my  garden  don’t.  Them I picked  some  flower can you help me And can I keep the flowers please. The sky turn Grey And a  which Came out of nowhere the queen and king and goldilocks was so scared and was shaking The witch head of Broome  that's could fly she flew to Goldilocks and the queen and king and said what are you doing Goldilocks said I'm picking flowers The witch  puts a Spell on Goldilocks  grab Goldilocks to a little cottage in the forest.  Goldilocks puppies turned into Super puppies  and they came and rescued   the three puppies flu  to get some help from Hansel and Gretel Rapunzel  and lot of animals in the forest they all rushed to the cottage and rescued Goldilocks and Goldilocks and her three puppies happy forever                                                                                  the end

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Technology. now that thinking

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Hi my name is Lucy I am a year 6 and I go to pt england school and this term team 4 are learning and looking at Technology.We are going to right information Learning about NOW  THAT’S THINKING.It sounds fun because we will be making
Suff like Technology.This term team 4 are learning about Technology Telephones and stuff from the old days.This term for team 4 I think we are learning
About Technology. I want to look at stuff Like Telephones and chair and a Table.This term I think we should be looking at Telephones. Like cars netbook and chair and a Table. We are Writing and looking at Maori Technology.