Thursday, 17 May 2018

Homeless people

Homeless people

Fact - Did you Know? 40% of homeless
people are Employed. Shouldn’t work be
an escape from poverty?

How did you get homeless - How can you can
get homeless you can get homeless By you having
no money and you can be homeless from you
parents Because if your parents were homeless
then you might be homeless to.

Why is Homeless a problem- I think it is a big
problem because if you have kids how can you
buy food for your kids. And if you are homeless
you don’t have a house and you don’t have any

How can we help - we can help by giving them
some money like when you walk past a homeless
person the you can give them some money in there
hat or there money bag and you can help by giving
some food to eat.

Why is homeless a bad thing - because if you have
kids then how can you look after you kids they are
going to be starving how can you buy food for



  1. Kia ora, Lucy. I am writing from the USA, where I think homelessness is a much more common problem than it is in New Zealand. It was interesting to me that you wrote about it. In my state of Oregon, homeless people sometimes live under highway bridges or in parks in tents to stay out of the rain. Where do they live in the Auckland area?

  2. Hi Lucy ,
    I really like how you explain your reasons ,
    I also agree that being homeless is a big problem ,
    Maybe next time you could check your writing to see if it makes sense , also to put capital letters and small letters in the right spot.

    Good work

  3. Hey Lucy I enjoyed your writing I think you should re check before you publish it. Keep up the good work Lucy.