Saturday, 8 July 2017

winter learning jourey

Ride one of New Zealand's interisland ferries between the North Island and South Island for a ferry journey unlike any other! Whether you're travelling with a vehicle, or solely as a passenger, the ferry is a great alternative to flying. One of the most picturesque ferry rides in the world, the trip takes just over three hours and operates year-round.New Zealand's two main islands are divided by a famously rough stretch of water called the Cook Strait. There are two ways to cross the Cook Strait: by plane or by interisland ferry.New Zealand's interisland ferry services offer an affordable, relaxing and breathtaking journey between the North Island and the South Island, taking in the spectacular Marlborough Sounds en route. The ferry journey in either direction takes approximately three hours and 15 minutes.

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  1. Kia ora Lucy,

    The interislander ferry really is a very cool boat. I see from your post that you've found the website that describes the trip. Can you please put the content into your own words? We're keen to read about what you think and to read your words, rather than the words that were written by the website developers.

    Thanks, Lucy! I'll come back to check and see if you've had time to rewrite the description of the ferry trip in your own words.