Saturday, 8 July 2017

winter learning Journey

The two World Wars saw heavy casualties inflicted on the New Zealand male population. But it also saw loyalty to your friends and comrades — ‘mate ship’ — become a prized social value. This quality is still seen on the sporting field today.
Rugby football is the most popular spectator sport in New Zealand, with the legendary All Blacks recently winning the Rugby World Cup. Though the sport has public school beginnings in England, in New Zealand, rugby is definitely the grass-roots sport of the ‘average bloke’. click for Facts

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  1. Kia ora Lucy,

    We certainly live in a country that adores the sport of rugby, don't we? I had never even heard of the sport before I moved from Canada to New Zealand in 2010. In Canada, our favourite sport is ice hockey and almost everyone plays hockey or ringette (a sport that is similar to ice hockey but is typically played by girls).

    Speaking of playing sports, I read that you like to play netball. Are you currently on a team? My son, Aronui, has recently joined his first ever soccer team. He's so excited to be a member of the team! It's quite fun to watch him run around with his friends and try to kick the ball. They're only 6 so they're just learning...

    I hope that you will continue to learn interesting facts about New Zealand and share them with us over the next few days. We're looking forward to learning more about New Zealand and about your experiences through reading your blogs posts!