Saturday, 8 July 2017

winter learning journey

Nature and conservation

The area provides a range of spectacular mountain scenery, wide valleys, rivers and streams, lakes and tarns, beech forest, and waterfalls. Visitors are able to see and hear a range of native birds including bell birds and chi. It is also the location of some of  DOC's important work with endangered wildlife such as mohair and Makarios and native plants such as mistletoe.

Conservation history

Marble Hill, between Springs Junction and Maria Springs, holds a special place in the history of conservation in New Zealand. In 1997 the then Minister of Conservation announced the protection of a large area of beech and Podgorica forest containing ecological, wildlife and scenic reserves.

Getting there

Access to the scenic reserve is from SH7 (the Lewis Pass Highway), east of Reef-ton
click here The Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve for more.

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